become a sponsor

With a range of opportunities for financial and in-kind sponsorship, you can help support 2 years of work by over 60 members of the Fantasmagorie production team, including film editors, choreographers, dancers, producers, technicians, composers, designers, and more.  As a benefit production, we rely on your support to bring Fantasmagorie to audiences across the Midwest and make a favorable impact on the future of the Amazon Rainforest.  

campaign wish list

  • Music Industry Sponsors (Mixing, Mastering, Soundtrack Composition)
  • Sponsor-A-Dancer 
  • Fabric Supply + Design Industry Sponsors
  • Studio Rental Sponsors
  • Footage Sponsors
  • Security and Off-Duty Police
  • Bulk Food + Beverage Donations (Cliff Bars, Apples, Oranges, Gatorade)
  • 1 Round-Trip Flight from NYC - Chicago (Frequent Flier Miles Accepted!)
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • CTA/Ventra Transit Cards
  • Film Production Sponsors