Conserve.  Educate.  Excite.  

Fantasmagorie is a free, on-the-water media arts and conservation campaign set on the north harbor of Lake Michigan’s Solidarity and Museum Campus Drive for 90 days in the summer of 2015.

Wrapping together original music by composer Arlen Hart of Brooklyn, award winning film production company Richter Studios, and Stephanie Martinez of the Joeffrey Ballet, Hubbard Street, and River North Dance Company, Fantasmagorie takes audiences on a migratory journey from the shores of Lake Michigan to the Rivers of the Amazon and into the depths of the Coral Reefs.  

. As we look to a changing global climate, Fantasmagorie supports the global conservation and research efforts of Chicago's John G. Shedd Aquarium and The Field Museum, strengthening the voice of endangered habitats and wildlife in and beyond the Great Lakes region by increasing audience participation in global marine and freshwater conservation through public and media arts.  

We are proud to support our friends at the World Wildlife Fund as a beneficiary of Fantasmagorie, and encourage visitors and audience members to learn more about the efforts of WWF in preserving and protecting the natural world.

 All proceeds raised through Fantasmagorie will be passed along directly to WWF as part of a global campaign to protect Coral Reefs off the coast of Tanzania. 
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